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At Stirling Audio Services we understand that each type of event has its own unique requirements.

Even different events of the same type have different needs.

We do not pre-package our systems. Each one is tailored to your eventís specifications.

Please review the links listed below for the different services catagories and see how we concentrate on using the equipment best suited for your job.

SAS also provides sound design, installation, accoustical testing and consulting, sound technicians, and other production services

Over the years our customers have come to rely on us to provide more than just the sound. We can help you with all aspects of planning and running your event. Please call or e-mail us with any specific production service needs you have. We specialize in putting together custom show packages from our huge inventory.

Touring Systems

Our touring systems use professional equipment. Here is a partial list: Top of Page

Public Address Systems

Sound Systems are an import part of any event!

SAS provides sound systems to all types of indoor and outdoor events such as:

Industrial Presentations, Business Seminars, Audio/Visual Programs, Dedications, Grand Openings, Dinners, Horseshows, Bike Races, Boat Races, Fairs, Athletic Events, School Graduations, Parages, Political Appdearances, Fund Raisers.

We utilize professional equipment including:

Altec, Anchor, Beldon, Beyer, Bryant, Clearcom, Crown, dbx, EV, JBL, JVC, Neumann, NEC, Philips, Sennheiser, Shure, Switchcraft, Tascam, Vega, University, Urei.

Our systems are voice-only and music capable.

SAS has the vast experience and quality equipment to do the job right!

Our careful approach and get-the-job-done attitude insure your satisfaction!

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From a school musical to professional Equity theater to a touring theatre company, Stirling Audio has the right equipment to do the job.

SAS offers a full line of professional equipment, including:

All Systems tuned by Pink/Noise/RTA Testing.

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Little Systems

PROBLEM: The gig doesn't pay much and the sound company needs most of that (if not more) to deliver and run a sound system!

SOLUTION: Most bands already own some sound equipment. Rent the additional pieces from us!

It's Easy!

You have speakers but need a bigger amp - OR -
You have an extra amp but need two monitores - OR -
You have mics but need more and a bigger mixer.
You get the idea...

Call 1 800 65-AUDIO and reserve the gear you need.

Complete systems starting from $50 a day.

We want you to sound good. Now you can afford to!

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Event Planning

Teamwork and communication spell success! SAS understands this more than anyone. We have a team with experience and a get-the-job-done attitude that can plan, manage and staff your event.

Tell us what you are doing. What type of event is it? How many people will be there? Is there a stage? What will you do if it rains?

Don't be afraid to ask questions. You'll find me ask more questions than you do - but our experience in this field helps us to identify the areas that need attention and prevent problems for you on the day of the job.

At SAS we don't expect you to speak "technese". We do, but we also speak English.

YOU have needs, SAS has the right solutions.

Call us for HELP!

Here is a list of equipment and/or services available:

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Special Events

By definition, everything about these events is "Special."

Every one is different, except on thing....Time is Critical! Two things make this happen:

  1. Only the finest equipment, well maintained, and expertly packaged for quick, clean set-up.
  2. Experienced production personnel who know how to anticipate problems before they happen.
    (Seen it, Done it, got a closet of tee shirts!)

    Let us help plan and produce your next client. You'll find that we care just as much about it as you do.

    Call Jim Today! Top of Page

    Convention and Expo

    Stirling Audio is one of the leaders in high profile, special events industry. Here is a list of recent events we've done:

    • Lucent Web Tech Conference
    • Mid-Jersey Business Expo
    • Black Music Expo
    • Catholic Charismatic Congres
    • Miss India Pageant
    • James Beard Awards
    • 1998 NRA Convention
    • AT&T Web Week
    • JAVA Conference@Javits Center, NYC
    • National Bio-Ethics Conference, Princeton University
    We feature equipment that is specifically suited to the convention and expo industry:
    • Complete Flying Speaker Systems
    • Extra long snake and cabling systems
    • Mixing Consoles with matrix outputs for multiple feeds
    • VHF & UHF wireless mic systems
    • Projectors
    • Rear Screens
    • Hearing Impaired Systems
    • Podiums with lights and double mics
    • DAT and Mini-Disc Equipment
    • Intercom and Walkie Talkie
    • Staging and Lighting
    • Flip Charts
    • Overhead Projectors
    Stirling Audio Services uses professional equipment from companies like:

    • E.A.W.
    • Crown
    • Yamaha
    • Soundcraft
    • Mackie
    • Sony
    • Tascam
    • TAC
    • dbx
    • Rane
    • Williams Sound
    • AKG
    • Shure
    • Beyer
    • EV
    • Sennheiser
    • Vega
    • Clearcom
    • Lexicon
    • Motorola
    • 3M
    • NEC
    • JBL
    • Crest
    • Drawmer
    • Aphex
    • Kodak
    Call Jim today to discuss your next job and how Stirling Audio can help you!

    When you use SAS, you can be sure of careful planning, superior production design and expert installation with the State's largest, most versatile stock of audio and production equipment. Our staff of experienced professionals will treat your job like it was their own. You are guaranteed a success with with clean intelligible sound that adds to the event.

    For 19 years, SAS has provided the best production services available. How can we help make your next event a success?

    Remember this: Nobody cares how nice the decorations are when they can't hear the speeches!

    When it has to be right, call the Stirling Audio Pros!

    1 800-65-AUDIO

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    SAS utilizes our vast experience in the sound industry to design and/or install systems in such venues as:

    • Schools
    • Ballrooms
    • Auditoriums
    • Restaurants
    • Sporting Facilities
    • Nightclubs
    • Gymnasiums
    • Halls
    • Colleges
    • Theaters
    • Business Facilities
    • Residential
    • Community Centers
    • Corporate
    Some of our recent installation clients are:

    • Rutgers - Busch Campus Center, multiple sites at College Ave. campus
    • Jewish Community Center of Central Jersey
    • Sussex County Horse Show & Fair
    • Loyola House of Retreat, Morristown, NJ
    • Philips Consumer Communications, two sites in Piscataway, NJ
    • Princeton University Recording Studio
    • Priceton University McCosh '10 Classroom
    • St. Joseph's of the Palisades
    • Madison H.S. Auditorium, Madison, NJ
    • Randall Chapel, Newark, NJ
    • Nassau Christian Center, Princeton, NJ
    • Legal Services of New Jersey
    • Summit Jewish Center
    • The Office Restaurant, Greenbrook, NJ
    • St. John the Baptist - New Brunswick, NJ
    • Manville High School
    • New Providence High School
    We use only professional equipment. We are an authorized dealers for the following:

    • AB International - Amplifiers, EQ's, Audio Distribution, Amps
    • Accoustics First - Sound Treatment and Absorption Products
    • Allen & Heath - Consoles
    • Anchor Audio - Portable sound systems
    • Behringer - Consoles, Signal Processing
    • Biamp - Mixers, Signal Processing, Amps
    • Bogen - Amplifiers and Mixers
    • C & D Case Company - Standard & Custom Racks, Equipment Cases
    • Celestiam - Speaker Systems
    • Clearcom - Intercom Systems
    • Crown International - Amplifiers and Microphones
    • dbx - Signal Processing
    • Eastern Accoustic Works - Speaker Systems
    • Goldline - RTA's, Phase Checkers, Test Equipment
    • Inkel/Burtek: Mixers, Amps, EQs, Tuners
    • JBL - Speaker Systems
    • K & M/Ultimate Support - Equipment and Mic Stands
    • Middle Atlantic Audio Products - Custom Equipment Racks & Accessories
    • Miles Technology - Processors, Amps
    • Little Lite: Lighting for racks, consoles
    • O.A.P. - Speaker Systems
    • P.A.S. - Speakers, Monitors
    • Pro Co - Smakes, Cabling, Adapters & Accessories
    • Radian Audio Engineering - High Frequency Drivers, Raw Frame Speakers, Speark Systems
    • Raxxess - Rack Panels and Accessories
    • Rolls - Mixers, EQ, Amps
    • Speco - Indoor/Outdoor Speakers
    • Stewart - Amplifiers, Phantom, Power Units
    • TAD - Speaker Systems and Components
    • Vega - Wireless Mics and Intercom
    • Whirlwind - Custom Cabling and Accessories
    • Williams Sound - Wireless Microphones and Hearing Impaired Systems

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    Other Services

    SAS can provide all types of production services and equipment. Please see the list below.

    • Stage and area lighting
    • Staging and Risers
    • Sets
    • Roofs
    • Props
    • Barricade and Bike Rack
    • Generators
    • A/V Services - Projection
    • Walkie-Talkies
    • Wireless Systems
    • Band Equipment (Backline)
    • Remote Recording
    • AC Power Distribution
    • Hearing Impaired Systems
    • Rigging Services
    • Cartage and Storage
    • Accoustical Room Treatments
    • Press Mult Boxes
    • Tents
    • Audio and Video Taping
    • Drafting and Site Plans
    • Production Staffing
    If you didn't see want you are looking for in the above list, please call us at 1 800 65-AUDIO and explain your needs. We will be glad to work with you to provide whatever you may need.

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