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We now have D.A.S. Aero Line Array Speakers!

SAS  uses top of the line professional gear  in our rental stock and new installations.  We have a full time staff whose responsibilities include maintaining our equipment at peak condition.You can be assured that when an SAS truck arrives, the system has been prepped and packaged for a quick, reliable set-up.

To see the types of equipment that we are able to provide for your event please see our pages for Concert and Touring equipment, BacklinePro Audio equipment or Audio/Visual equipment lists and our recent additions to our rental stock.

All equipment may be individually rented or packaged as part of a system.  Please discuss your requirements with us.  We'll be happy to make recommendations or design a system to your needs..

We provide the same quality service and products with our installations. If you know specifically what you want, we'll get it for you. If you'd like recommendations, or need us to design a system for you, we'll do that too.  We are dealers for a wide range of sound equipment.

Periodically we sell some of our surplus rental stock. If you are interested, please see this list of used equipment for sale.  All equipment is in working condition, unless otherwise noted.


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Date Last Modified: 03/28/06